My free software activities in january 2020

Hello, this is my first monthly report about activities in Debian and Free Software in general.

Since the end of DebConf19 in July 2020 I was avoiding to work in Debian stuff because the event was too stresseful to me. For months I felt discouraged to contribute to the project, until December.


On december I watched two news video tutorials from João Eriberto about:

  • Debian Packaging - using git and gbp, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Debian Packaging with docker, parts 1 and 2

Since then, I decided update my packages using gbd and docker and it have been great. On December and January I worked on these following packages.

I did QA Uploads of:

I adopted and packaged new release of:

  • ddir 2019.0505 closing bugs #903093 and #920066.

I packaged new releases of:

I packaged new upstream versions of:

I backported to buster-backports:

I packaged:

MiniDebConf Maceió 2020

I helped to edit the MiniDebConf Maceió 2020 website.

I wrote the sponsorship brochure and I sent it some brazilian companies.

I sent a message with call for activities to national and international mailing lists.

I sent a post to Debian Micronews.


I sent a message to UFPR Education Director asking him if we could use the Campus Rebouças auditorium to organize FLISOL there on april, but he denied. We still looking for a place to FLISOL.


I started to study DevOps culture and for that, I watch a lot of vídeos from LINUXtips

And I read the book “Docker para desenvolvedores” wrote by Rafael Gomes.

MiniDebCamp in Brussels

I traveled to Brussels to join MiniDebCamp on January 29-31 and FOSDEM on February 1-2.

At MiniDebCamp my mostly interest was to join the DebConf Vídeo Team sprint to learn how to setup a voctomix and gateway machine to be used in MiniDebConf Maceió 2020. I could setup the Video Team machine installing Buster and using ansible playbooks. It was a very nice opportunity to learn how to do that.

A complete report from DebConf Video Team can be read here.

I wrote a diary (in portuguese) telling each of all my days in Brussels. It can be read starting here. I intend to write more in english about MiniDebCamp and FOSDEM in a specific post.

Many thanks to Debian for sponsor my trip to Brussels. It’s a unique opportunity to go to Europe to meet and to work with a lot of DDs.


I did a MR to the DebConf20 website fixing some texts.

I joined the WordPress Meetup

I joined a live streaming from Comunidade Debian Brasil to talk about MiniDebConf Maceió 2020.

I watched an interesting vídeo “Who has afraid of Debian Sid” from debxp channel

I deleted the Agenda de eventos de Sofware Livre e Código Aberto because I wasn’t receiving events to add there, and I was not having free time to publicize it.

I started to write the list of FLOSS events for 2020 that I keep in my website for many years.

Finally I have watched vídeos from DebConf19. Until now, I saw these great talks:

  • Bastidores Debian - entenda como a distribuição funciona
  • Benefícios de uma comunidade local de contribuidores FLOSS
  • Caninos Loucos: a plataforma nacional de Single Board Computers para IoT
  • Como obter ajuda de forma eficiente sobre Debian
  • Comunidades: o bom o ruim e o maravilhoso
  • O Projeto Debian quer você!
  • A newbie’s perspective towards Debian
  • Bits from the DPL
  • I’m (a bit) sick of maintaining (mostly) alone, please help

That’s all folks!